Traveling overseas for affordable dental implants in Sydney

The ridiculously priced implants in so many dental practices in Sydney means there’s no prizes for guessing why so many Australians go overseas for cheap dental implants.
Dental specialists in Sydney don’t recommend this – but are they just serving self interest or are there really risks involved in going overseas? It’s certain that money can be saved if you head offshore, but, unfortunately, only in the short term.

You may save a few hundred dollars by going out of Australia, but your future oral health will certainly be endangered.

So are you really saving cash by heading to another country for dental implants?

The answer is, almost always, no.

You can plan for the cost of travel and accomodation, but what you can’t predict is how long you’ll take to recover. A variable that when overseas can cost you hundreds.

Whilst you may see ‘dental implants in just one day’ advertised, this is generally misleading, if not downright untrue. It’s extremely difficult to predict how long each unique procedure will take and how long you will need to recover. On home shores this is OK, but when you’re overseas problems can arise. Luckily, affordable dental implants are possible right here in your home town of Sydney.

What are the dangers to your health in seeking cheap dental implants overseas?

affordable-dental-implantsWhen you go overseas you are no longer safeguarded by the laws and regulations of the Australian health system. That means that practitioners overseas may not give you the same level of care and treatment we come to take for granted in Sydney. A friend or family’s recommendation may guide you when choosing a practitioner overseas, but if something goes wrong, you may find yourself shocked by the lack of safeguards and protective systems in place.

And if something does go wrong with your overseas cheap dental implants?

If something goes wrong with your overseas cheap dental implants, it will be only the start of a long, costly and painful process. Travel insurance doesn’t cover dental bills in these cases, and your private health insurance in Australia is also not responsible for overseas medical care in this case.

If something goes wrong you’ll either have to continue to receive treatment overseas, or find a new practitioner in Australia. To fix the problem generally costs far more than the original implant would have.

The good news is that there is no longer any need for you to navigate such treacherous waters. With the best cheap dental implants now accessible in Australia, there is no reason to go anywhere else! For more information, contact Dr Paulo Pinho at 1300 721 184!

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