Three ways Garbo & Friends sleeping bags will improve your baby’s sleep

Trouble getting your little love to sleep through the night? We’ve got a solution that might be worth trying out! Darling, dainty, and adorable sleeping bags for babies made by Scandinavian designer, Garbo & Friends. Here are three ways these beautiful sleeping bags can help improve your little one’s sleeping habits:

1. Optimal temperature for sleeping

These Garbo & Friends sleeping bags provide the optimal temperature for baby’s sleep – not too warm and not too cold. The thickness of these sleeping bags is perfect for regular room temperature – if the room is colder or you notice that your baby is not warm enough, we recommend putting a thin blanket or sheet over the sleeping bag.

2. High quality materials

These amazing sleeping bags by Garbo and Friends are made with 100% organic cotton percale, which is sustainable sourced and non-toxic. We love that there are high quality production methods used to create these darling baby sleeping bags. You can tell from the delicate stitching to the smooth and soft inner lining of the sleeping bag that these sleeping bags are made with high quality methods and materials. The sleeping bag comes in one size and it suits babies from newborns up to 6 months old.

3. Non-allergenic filling

The soft and supple filling of the baby sleeping bag is made with sustainable non-allergenic polyester, which is exceptionally strong, durable and resistant to most chemicals. It is easy to care for, machine washable and it retains its original shape well over time. Polyester is also hydrophobic in nature, which means it dries quickly and resists mildew, shrinking and abrasion. The non-allergenic filling in these baby sleeping bags will allow you to rest easy knowing your little one can sleep peacefully through the night without any harmful chemicals near their precious skin.

Details of the baby sleeping bag:

Size: 0–6 months | Length. 70 cm | Bottom Width 50cm | Top Width 35cm

Material: 100% organic cotton percale | Fill: Non-allergenic polyester

Washing: Wash in 40°C | Tumble dry low


About Garbo & Friends

Garbo & Friends aims to offer both parents and their babies the best textile and accessory products through exceptional design, print, fabric, material and detail. Whether you are looking for a crib bumper, a duvet set, a cashmere blanket or a floor cushion, you will find a product that both you and your baby will love. It is important for Garbo & Friends to use as many safe and environment friendly materials as possible – to make sure the bedding and sleepwear is of non-allergenic origin and the tableware is free of toxic materials. All of Garbo&Friends dinnerware products are independently tested and found free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Lead. The baby bottles are produced in accordance with European Standard EN-14350.


We hope you enjoyed this look into three ways Garbo & Friends sleeping bags will improve your baby’s sleep. To shop the full range of Garbo & Friends baby sleeping bags, visit this link: Sweet dreams!

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