Revolutionary New Counselling Network for Adelaide Locals

By Jeanne Austin

Mental health is no longer a taboo topic of conversation. Most people suffer or have suffered from anxiety, depression or anger problems. If not, then they may have experienced trouble in their relationships or parenting issues. Whatever the problem, it’s not unusual to know someone who had sought out professional help.

Even though a lot of people have a psychologist or counselor just as they have a dentist and doctor, it doesn’t mean that finding the right mental health professional is an easy task. Googling for a therapist in Adelaide will come up with an array of personal websites that market that individual person as the best at what they do, but how can you tell the smoke screens from the real deal?

Life Supports LogoLife Supports Counselling is a cutting edge network for Adelaide residents that brings together a selection of highly qualified professionals to your fingertips. Life Supports Counselling isn’t a marketing website for therapists but a hub that connects people with the elite in the business. Each of the therapists that are a part of the Life Supports Counselling network have passed through the stringent accreditation procedure that ensures each member is an expert in their field.

Because the task of finding a good psychologist or counsellor can be a daunting task, Marcus Andrews (Founder and Managing Director of Life Supports Counselling) wanted to create an organisation that brought together a selection of the best psychologist and counselors around the country. This meant that clients knew they were therapists of an exceptional standard. It is a one-stop-shop that allows clients to browse Adelaide’s psychologists and counsellors, read informative articles written by the therapists themselves and find the right person to help with their needs.

How can Life Supports Counselling help?

None of us are perfect, that’s not news but admitting that we need help in an area of our lives can be difficult at first. Perhaps you’ve had issues with anger. Losing your temper and flying off the handle at small problems isn’t normal. If your anger is affecting your relationships or even your job then, it is a problem that may need professional attention.

If you’ve ever considered relationship or marital counselling, you’re not alone. A relationship doesn’t have to be in a dire situation to benefit from counselling. In fact, couples who take part in counseling earlier in the relationship are better equipped to deal with problems as they arise later on.

Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner can help you unwind after a hectic day but if you’re finding that you can’t cope without finishing off the bottle then it could be time to talk to a professional. Drug and alcohol abuse is something that can go undetected for some time. Often it isn’t addressed as a problem until it had already done damage to relationships and financial situations. The earlier addiction is addressed, the quicker the recovery.

Even if you don’t have any pressing issues that are causing havoc on your life but you’d like to have someone to talk to about dealing with love, family, work problems then Life Supports Counselling has the right local therapist for you.

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