Need to know: About cold sores

Cold sores – they hurt, they look bad and they mean no-one wants to kiss you! In our dental practice and years of experience providing wisdom teeth removal in Sydney we often have patients ask us about their pesky cold sores that keep coming back. Some wonder if they are liked to wisdom teeth pain and how they can treat them or stop them from coming back.

So what are cold sores?

cold-soreCold sores usually appear on or nearby the lips and can be accompanied by a general feeling of being unwell. They may be inflamed, prickly, irritated and sting. Depending on the person and the situation cold sores can last just a few days or a few weeks. Cold sores are an external symptom of the herpes simplex virus. Unfortunately this virus is incurable.
Medical professionals estimate that 90% of adults have the herpes simplex virus in their bodies, but many eople do not have cold sores as a consequence. Whilst it is impossible to cure this virus you can often avoid the stimuli that lead to them.

How can you prevent catching the herpes simplex virus?
While you may already have the virus the below tips are also great tips for general dental and oral well being.

  • Treat lips that become dry, cracked or sore with lip balm
  • Use zinc on your lips when you are in the sunshine to avoid damage to the sensitive skin
  • Consider a lysine supplement
  • Do not share infected body fluids or make contact with cold sores on others

Want to avoid getting another cold sore?

Whilst it is not always possible to avoid cold sores, avoiding the known triggers below can help you keep your lips beautiful and sore free:

  • Stress
  • General lack of health, such as colds and flus
  • Shared glassware, cutlery, plates, food, drinks, towels or pillows with somebody who currently is suffering from a cold sore
  • Sun damage
  • Dry cracked lips from wind

If you have a cold sore avoid touching it and consider over the counter medicines that can protect the sore and allow it to heal easily.

Dental surgery is not recommended whilst a cold sore is present on the lips or around them. However if you have pain from your wisdom teeth then contact the professionals at Wisdom Dental and get your wisdom teeth removal cost quote.

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