Home Decor Trends We Love: Wall Art Prints by Linn Wold

Have you heard of Linn Wold yet? If not, you probably will soon – this Norwegian graphic designer, artist and creator of affordable fine art for home decor is on the rise and she isn’t stopping! With an Instagram following of nearly 20k, Linn Wold’s artwork is becoming known around the world.

Linn Wold’s namesake brand produces a range of high quality, Scandinavian-style home decor. Linn’s artwork is inspired by women, nature, botany, interior design and whimsical Nordic imagery. Not only are her fine art prints insanely beautiful, they also make for stunning wall art and home decor. You can really tell that Linn keeps interior design in mind when making her fabulous wall prints!

“The fact that our customers make up their own opinions about what my art prints reflect has always been important to me,” Linn says, “What somebody interprets need not be like others, and where someone finds strength, finds other weaknesses. That’s what’s so amazingly fascinating with art.”

Let’s take a look at some of Linn Wold’s most popular art prints, starting with one of our personal favourites – Monstera.


Monstera wall print

Featuring a beautiful woman enraptured in the tropical Monstera plant, Linn Wold’s ‘Monstera’ fine art print is one of her most popular works of art.

“Before Monstera came to this world, there was a lot of animals and feathers in combination with faces in my prints,” says Linn Wold, “After the launch of Monstera, there was an even bigger market for my print, as flower and plant stores began to wholesale them as well. Monstera was also my dive into a target group who loves the tropical. Still one of our bestsellers!”

This wall print is a truly beautiful piece of home decor. If you’re looking to infuse your interior design with some house plant vibes and a botanical look, this is the art poster for you!


Sjana wall print

The embodiment of womanhood and botany, ‘Sjana’ serves as a statement fine art wall poster that enhances and ties together any room. The Sjana print symbolizes female strength, encouragement and passion and looks great alongside Linn’s other wall posters.

“Sjana makes a living by inspiring others with her insane yoga poses and her inspiring storytelling, so there was more than enough inspiration to work with,” says Linn Wold about the collaboration for this fine art wall print.


Sofia wall print

‘Sofia’ is another one of our favourite wall art prints by Linn Wold. This is another one of Linn Wold’s fine art prints inspired by the connection between womanhood and nature. The Sofia print is a simple and beautiful large living room wall print that is perfect for making a statement and enhancing any room.


Pleunie wall print

Linn Wold’s ‘Pleunie’ wall print is a truly lovely piece of home decor and makes for stunning wall art. This fine art poster is a conversation-starter and adds a modern botanical element to any room in the house. Hauntingly beautiful and almost melancholy, this fine art print is inspired by the connection of women and nature. We see the woman in this piece clinging to a vase full of plants in a loving and very connected manner.


Now these amazing wall art prints are available in Australia! To shop Linn Wold’s range of beautiful wall decor and wall art, visit Nordlife – an online retailer of nursery and home decor based on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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