Expert Tips on Decorating With Red

Red is the color of passion, but if you’re too passionate about the color, you may be seeing red in your home as red can go everywhere from cheery and happy to angry and aggressive in the emotional spectrum. That’s what you’ve got to keep in mind when using red in a room, when is too much and when it is not enough.

When considering which shade of red to use, look to your decorating style and your house’s architecture. “Red is a color that needs to be well thought out, as well as the shade itself.” says Jaymes Richardson of Civility Design.

Choose Your Style to Find the Right Red

Contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, often red.
On the door: Bold, bright red.
Inside: Bright red shades in a pillow, rug or throw.

Modern design calls for all kinds of reds: from primary hues to classic shades with burgundy or brown undertones.
On the door: Any red you love that makes a statement.
Inside: Consider injecting red through a painting or piece of art.

Traditional design stays away from primary reds and instead involves burgundy or black tones.
On the door: A deep, rich red.
Inside: Decorate with Oriental rugs injected with darker reds.

Transitional design relies on a neutral palette, a perfect canvas for pops of red.
On the door: Match this red hues you use inside the home, or skip the red door entirely to keep a more neutral theme.
Inside: Choose a softer and more indirect approach like a red lamp of piece of art.

Country reds are chalkier and softer: Think barn or scarlet reds. Choose reds with pinkish and purplish hues, like the color of a ripening apple.
On the door: Barn red.
Inside: Accessorize with county reds in knickknacks and fabrics.

Source: HGTV – “5 Ways to Decorate With Red”

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